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Voters told to keep the election free and fair – and safe

Members of the psychosocial support group urge the people of Damboa to take necessary preventive measures against the virus.

People are not taking the Covid-19 coronavirus seriously enough and continue to be careless by refusing to adhere to preventive measures to curb the pandemic.

So said Mohammed M Ali, the public relations officer of a psychosocial support group in Damboa.

He urged every person who would be taking part in the local government elections for a chairman and councillors tomorrow to take the necessary precautions proposed by health experts.

“It has been a while since we have held elections in Borno State. As such, elections at this time will be unique and we must remind people of the consequences of refusing to adhere to the Covid-19 pandemic precautions,” he said.

Ali said many people still did not believe Covid-19 existed or that many people had already died because of it.

“That is why people needed to be reminded that the pandemic is true and it can kill.”

Mommodu Kassim, a member of the psychosocial support group, said people had begun to accept that the virus was real. But, he said, there were still some people who did not believe that the virus existed.

“It is very real and it is imperative that people take the preventive measures outlined by experts.

Kassim urged people to vote for candidates who would “serve and not take”.

He wished everyone successful, peaceful, free and fair – and safe – elections.

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