Lack of lifesaving facilities at Dikwa clinic a major concern for pregnant women

Brief – Pregnant women in Dikwa are afraid of losing their own lives and those of their unborn babies because of an acute lack of lifesaving facilities at their local clinic.

They say the Primary Health Care Clinic in Dikwa in Borno State does not have an ambulance, there are no scanning machines and no specialist surgeons available if complications occurred during childbirth.

A nurse told RNI reporter Rawa Bukar Tela that most deliveries were successful. But because the clinic did not have an ambulance, many pregnant women had difficulty getting to the clinic on time, especially at night.

The women also had to go all the way to Maiduguri for scans, she said, which many of them could not afford. She confirmed that if the women experienced complications during childbirth, there were no specialist surgeons available.


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