Buni Yadi attack: Police barracks burnt down, two civilians hit by stray bullets and an unknown number of insurgents killed

A police station was burnt down, two civilians were wounded by stray bullets and “several gun trucks with their occupants were taken out by the troops” when insurgents stormed Buni Yadi in the Gujba Local Government of Yobe State on Tuesday, November 30.

The insurgents, thought to be members of the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), infiltrated the town from a road leading to Damaturu, the state capital.

Residents told RNI that the attack seemed to be targeted at the military at the Nigerian Forces Training School and the 27 Task Force Brigade, not at civilians.

No residents were killed in the attack. Two civilians were hit by stray bullets, one man in his arm and the other in the knee.

An army spokesman did not say how many insurgents were killed.

Bulama Bukar, a resident, said that when they heard gunshots coming from the police station everyone started running to their homes to hide.

“During the attack, we all ran inside for safety. We heard heavy gunfire. It was very scary.”

Shehu, also a resident, said they were playing football in the field when suddenly saw gun trucks arrive and parked near his house. Other cars headed to the police station.

“When we heard the gunshots, we thought it was the insurgents shooting. Afterwards we heard the insurgents were in a fierce battle with soldiers and the police. The gunfire was intense and that’s when everyone rushed inside.”

He said the insurgents burnt down the police barracks and part of the station but did not harm civilians.

“Nigerian soldiers arrived and there was a vicious battle. We are grateful because if they had not arrived, the insurgents would have caused much more damage.”

Onyema Nwachukwu, spokesman for the army, said in a statement on Wednesday, that the army was supported by the air force and the police.

He said the insurgents, mounted on gun trucks, met with stiff resistance from the troops, “who gallantly fought and overwhelmed the terrorists with superior firepower”.

In the statement, Nwachukwu said: “The ferocious battle forced the criminals to withdraw in different directions having suffered heavy losses. “Several gun trucks with their occupants were taken out by the troops.”

He did not say how many insurgents were killed in the attack.

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