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Boko Haram raid Geidam, burn down shops

the map of geidam

A large number of suspected Boko Haram insurgents – riding motorbikes and driving in cars – invaded the Geidam Local Government Area on Wednesday.

A source, who wanted to remain anonymous, said although the market was crowded, the insurgents did not interfere with anyone. “They acted as if they had not even seen us and passed by,” the source told RNI reporter Alhaji Shariff Bura.

Another source, who also wanted to remain anonymous, said the insurgents burnt down many shops, all owned by small-scale businessmen.

“We are no longer safe. We always thought we were safe here but the raid by Boko Haram insurgents has proved us wrong. We have nowhere to go other than our local government,” he said.

The source claimed that two people were abducted, one of whom is the district head of Ma’arla. They were released after the attack.

The sources said the military did not do anything to stop the insurgents.

Meanwhile, reports from residents of Maiduguri and Damaturu say that the road between the two towns is still regarded as a death trap where insurgents kill, abduct and kidnap in in broad daylight.


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