Animal trading on the road to recovery

Brief – Animal trading in Borno State is finally on the comeback trail, thanks to the reopening of the border road linking Nigeria to Cameroon and Chad.

Since the Gamboru Ngala road to Dikwa was reopened in February, commercial activities have begun to boom.

Traders told RNI reporter Rawa Bukar Tela that the animal markets in Dikwa and Gamboru were beginning to prosper.

“People can now travel safely on the road, without fear of attacks by insurgents because the road is protected by army troops, hunters and Civilian Joint Task Force members. It is a great improvement,” said market trader Muhammad Mustapha Ballama.

“Even though the trade is not as good as it was before, it is slowly picking up. Many traders lost everything during the insurgency years and need capital from the government to get back into business.”


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