Smart people let their phones do the work

smart phones and computer

Communications, computer and media centres are taking strain because smart phones are proving to be a bit too smart.

Many who work in the centres said that although smart phones had simplified communications around the world, their shops were almost always empty.

Mohammed Modu Tanami, who lives in Maiduguri, said smart phones had definitely affected his business. “My shop is often empty. It used to be filled with people who came to buy airtime, use my computers to send emails to apply for jobs or send messages. But now people use their smart phones to do all that. The only thing they cannot do is print out material.”

He said now that most people had smart phones they did not need the services of a computer centre because they used their phones to buy data and to browse the internet.


“We don’t know what to do and we have families to feed. Virtually everyone today has a smart phone that they use to browse the internet, apply for jobs, message their friends and family and download films.”

Babagana Bukar, who also lives in Maiduguri, said he no longer goes to computer centres because he could do all that he wanted to do on his smart phone.

Yagana Bukar, of Mafoni in Maiduguri, said she could not remember when she last visited a computer centre because if she needed to register for school or apply for a job she used her phone.

Usman Ali said he used his phone to read the news on the internet, communicate with friends, apply for jobs, register for school and to buy quality products.

“I don’t go to computer centres for any reason now because my phone is capable of doing everything I want to do.”

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