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EndSARS Protests

Some youths deviated into robbery, vandalism, assault, hooliganism, and looting in the name of the protest

Many killed and property worth millions destroyed during the ENDSARS protests, threatening the lives and livelihood of people in the southern part of Nigeria, especially Lagos state.

RNI reporter Fatima Grema Modu interviewed some of the residents and victims via phone call.

Babagana Ngala a resident said that since the beginning of the protest some youths deviated into robbery, vandalism, assault, and hooliganism, looting in the name of the protest and impacting negatively on the lives of many people. Also, they often stop people and collect money or any valuable materials from them. he added

He said the wife of the DPO, who is his deputy, ran for her life by breaking the back fence of the station when some youths tried to attack her in the Orulle area. Before the birth of the protest she had allegedly taken action which had a negative impact on motorcycle riders.

One victim, Abubakar Yusuf,  a tanker driver, said that his car was forcefully taken by the so-called protesters after he was beaten up. Currently his life is threatened, and he says you have to play hide and seek to stay safe and alive.

For her part,  Aisa Bukar a resident of Ojoro LGA. said her children couldn’t resume school and her husband doesn’t go to market, which has triggered hardship. However, she added that normalcy is gradually being restored since the curfew was put in force by the state government in order to bring the situation under control.

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